SEO-centric product catalog creation

The Business Need

A leading American based online retailer with operations across the globe, wanted to take their business customer-focused in the effort to be the globe’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. Their service request was to create compelling content that engages visitors with the products in their website. They were also looking for collecting and standardizing product images in accordance with their pre-set guidelines. They were predominantly interested in SEO-friendly title creation that would put them in the top of SERPs.

Challenges we faced

SEO-friendly keywords meant a lot of effort and research to fix the best title possible that is also meaningful and appropriate. Image collection process was crucial as they had to be apt and accurately edited paying attention to every detail like the white background, standardized resolution etc.

How we solved the problem

  • A semi-automated approach was followed to create flawless and rich catalogs that instantly grab the visitors’ attention and engage them with the product
  • For the SEO element to be captured, we took up an extensive keyword research to get the best out of the title that is search-friendly and improves visibility
  • Images were edited with utmost accuracy to have standardized resolutions


With an integrated system, Mobius was able to meet the weekly deadlines committed to the client. We delivered 100,000 product titles, 40,000 original content, product attributes for 100,000+ products and 50 buying guides in a span of 8 months. 25-30% of cost efficiency was achieved without compromising on quality.

25-30% of cost efficiency was achieved

Delivered 100,000 product titles, 40,000 original content

100,000+ products and 50 buying guides in a span of 8 months

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