Understanding online marketplace search activities with Mobius' site search relevancy services

Business Need

An Online marketplace managing the biggest online auction and shopping website based in the US wanted to understand the search activities in a large category,categorize and cluster searches and categories and derive the relationship between categories and searches.


  • Search results (20 items/per search query) for a search query that reaches the SDC tool with multiple occurrence
  • Number of search queries with corresponding results thrown from multiple servers / systems
  • If promo words mixed with search query, difficult to assess search results due to outcome of irrelevant items
  • Unable to identify about the item due to insufficient item title, invalid item URL


  • Keywords Analysis and cleansing
  • Grouping
  • Product Scraping (Automation)
  • Product Classification & Validation
  • Product Variation Matrix
  • Search Relevancy Score


  • Increased time spent on website and improved sales
  • Higher revisits leading to customer retention & loyalty
  • Customer devised new product ideas & identified keywords

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