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Mobius is a leading provider of data services and a pioneer in extracting publicly available information.We use contemporary technologies and tools coupled with human expertise to deliver accurate data, information and knowledge to our customers. Mobius' custom solutions assure high-level of accuracy, faster time-to-market, and reduced costs by leveraging offshore facilities and global best practices.


  • You guys did a great job – accurate, dependable, always nice to work with
    VP – Operations A leading provider of specialized business news and information
  • An excellent way of representing the data. Your graphs pointed the growth clearly. Thanks for being so transparent
    Head of Operations A market leader in Media & Publishing
  • In our final presentation to our stakeholders, they were impressed with the success and cost effectiveness of your work
    Head of Operations
  • Thanks for the excellent support. We are very happy with the services offered. You are certainly a value add to our team here
    One of the top apparel retail chains in US
  • A true partner for all customer needs Mobius has helped us with numerous strategic business decisions in the right way
    World’s largest Retailer
  • Thank you for your quick turnaround! It has been a pleasure working with your team!
    World's largest commercial real estate services firm
  • Mobius is more than a vendor; they are a partner to us
    CTO A leader in the media and publishing industry
  • Your team has been fantastic with meeting the committed delivery dates. They have also provided a high level of new values. These are data points we were missing before
    Senior Analyst - Search & Navigation, Product Taxonomy One of the largest retailers in the United States
  • Your work looks pretty good and solid
    Senior Vice President - Content Development A multinational financial data and software company
  • I am conscious that we put you under some considerable pressure to deliver to tight timescales and I therefore very much appreciate the effort made to try and meet our request. I wanted to thank you for getting us to the point you did on the weekends. I look forward to continuing to work together in such a positive manner
    Product Director A global live media and B2B marketing service and data provider
  • I wanted to drop you a note that your team has made a very impressive improvement to the GAP system. This new process is a great step forward. Thank you and the team for making this happen
    Senior Director Retail Management A leading provider of online video product tours
  • Most importantly, I have total confidence in the quality of work Mobius is doing for us. "Tell the team that they rock!
    President and CEO A global information solutions provider
  • Nice job on the content strategy. Thanks for connecting and the update. We appreciate the samples and updated content to post to our coupon blog sites; I think the content is very creative
    Marketing Manager The world's largest apparel retailer
  • I like the way Mobius enhances the process continuously using the feedback provided and deliver better output month on month
    Director Global Data, Insights & Analytics
  • Thank you for the great job on categorization
    Data Analyst A successful eCommerce start-up in the UK
  • The continued high quality and quantity of the team's work has been a great asset to us. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased we all are with Mobius
    Content Manager
  • You are a true partner for all customer needs and wonderful to work with. As we were discussing, you have helped us with numerous strategic business decisions in the right way
    VP, Product & Marketing
  • Thanks for all the great work you’ve done with us. It was great to have your support during all the different projects we run together. Your perfect understanding of our situation was a great support. Moreover, your professionalism and efficiency has always made our work perfect
    Content Manager A top European comparison shopping search engine
  • Alpha was good. Happy to see user engagement perspectives being considered for decision making on channel label
    Digital Design/UX Manager A leading retail department store
  • Thank you for your review call today. I really appreciate your approach to our company and the SEO strategy. I like the fact that you are focused on this and helping us come up with the best tactics. My orders have considerably increased over the last week, the effect of having backlinks obviously adds up
    Founder & President A leading distributor of lighting fixtures
  • Require your help in directing me on the strategies for CSE paid and free. Happy that your team is performing well
    Chief Operating Officer A food service equipment and supplies provider
  • Thanks for the excellent support. We are very happy with the services you offered and you are certainly a value add to our team here
    Digital Marketing Manager The world's largest apparel retailer
  • Mobius has done a great job in developing our AES Phase-I using Java/J2EE, XML, XSLT, MarkLogic. I think Mobius has done great job here and I would like to see more cooperation opportunities with them in the rest of this year as well as next year! I can imagine our new tasks will be relatively more difficult than AES phase-I. If Mobius can make continuous successful delivery to us, we can consider them as one of our top vendors from long term cooperation perspective.
    APAC senior leadership team
  • So far Mobius' research services have been pretty good. About an 80% accuracy rate – compared to around 50% by our previous supplier!
    UK's Leading Political Monitoring Database Company
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