Enabling semi-automated competitive intelligence research and inventory gap analysis.

The Business Need

A large multinational eCommerce corporation based out of the US approached us for competitor research. Their requirement was to identify the top-selling products and categories. They wanted to perform an inventory gap analysis on their website based on the identified top-selling products. They also wanted to identify the potential sellers’ list to network with sellers who had good sales conversions. Our competitive intelligence solution was used to research multiple competitor aspects.

  • To analyze a specific category and identify top-performing products
  • To arrive at logical metrics and populate demand scores for product types
  • To analyze competitors listings and generate an on-demand product list
  • To compare and identify the gap in terms of product inventory between the client and their potential competitor
  • To refresh and provide monthly/quarterly analysis

Challenges we faced

  • There was scarce information on sites, which made product mapping a challenge.
  • The market was huge, and there were close competitors in the region.
  • Duplicate listings impacted competitor analysis.
  • Sellers were tagging the products under incorrect categories, that had a negative impact on the analysis.

How we solved the problem

  • We developed custom metrics liaising with the client to arrive at a demand score for product types.
  • We then created specific crawlers to collect LIVE listings based on the criteria defined.
  • Business analysts were deployed to identify duplicate listings, cluster relevant product types, and analyze actual data for a more accurate study.
  • Mobius developed a custom report structure for each category, liaising with the client to help them understand the inventory gap based on the top-performing product type.


  • We were able to build and execute logical metrics that helped the client understand the actual performance of each product type.
  • Our data was highly informative, and the client decided to expand the regions from China to Mexico, Brazil, and Russia for competitor research.
  • Seller insights helped the client build a prospective lead list.

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