Providing a smart solution for mapping property boundaries

Business Need

Maponics, now a part of Pitney Bowes, is a US-based company specializing in creating pre-defined geographical boundaries and mapping applications. Maponics needed to modify property boundaries in a specified location to include new features such as schools, car dealers, golf courses, airports and stadiums. For input, a geocoded point feature class and polygon maps were provided in ESRI formats.


Leveraging GIS technologies, Mobius built a 3-step workflow process for Maponics that helped them provide actionable location details to their customers.

  • The initial build of the boundaries included editing and building polygons from starter polygons that encapsulate the seed point and area on which a property starter location is - such editing was based on surrounding street elements
  • The polygon to include buildings, parking and playing area associated with a specific property
  • Online aerial imagery was used to modify the polygons


  • The final output was delivered in ESRI format to client.

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