Monitoring coupons and promotions for a leading online shopping retailer

The Business Need

A leading online shopping retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products based out of India faced challenges in processing and analyzing pricing and promotions data. The client approached Mobius to capture and monitor the prices, coupons, and promotions for 50K products across two competitors for three categories - Apparel, Watches, and Footwear.

Additionally, the customer wanted us to onboard 10K new products introduced weekly for price and coupon monitoring.

Challenges we faced

Performing product matching for soft line categories based on attributes like images, color, size, material, etc.

Onboarding more than 10,000 new products every week.

Crawling websites for large volumes of products and mitigating blockages.

Customizing scripts periodically to crawl websites despite frequent website structure and pattern changes.

How we solved the problem

We leveraged our data aggregation expertise and OCR technology for accurate product matching and price monitoring. Our experts captured coupon and promotion details for thousands of products on competitor websites.


  • 50K products monitored weekly
  • Helped the customer stay competitive
  • Increased overall sales
  • Superior promotional strategy
  • Improved customer retention rate

products monitored weekly

new products onboarded weekly

Price and coupon monitoring

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