Product catalog onboarding with ProductiWise

The Business Need

One of India’s leading e-commerce retailers with over 5 million+ online products approached us for a product onboarding solution. We were required to onboard 50,000 product SKUs per day, spanning various categories and pouring over 500 top sellers. The high volume of the project meant that we needed to automate the product onboarding process. Our product onboarding software, ProductiWise, served as an efficient solution by enabling bulk product onboarding onto marketplaces in record time.

Challenges we faced

Data feeds were inaccurate, misclassified, and had incomplete product information. Moreover, the category style guides and taxonomy categories kept changing, which required constant monitoring and updation. We had to ensure that our client was ahead of their competitors in product onboarding without compromising the compliance scores.

How we solved the problem

‘ProductiWise’ - a highly automated platform was used to make the product onboarding process faster and seamless. The product onboarding software also ensured the highest levels of data accuracy.

Its health check feature automatically checked the compliance & completeness of data against the guidelines.

The API-based guideline change tracking ensured that the changes in rules were updated daily in the Health Checks.

The non-compliant feeds were rejected, and the ecommerce product catalogs were sent back to the seller, to the vendor, or a set of DIY tools with built-in automation and bulk data handling capabilities.

The validated and enriched ecommerce product catalogs were directly uploaded to their staging servers through APIs.


With Mobius’ automated AI-powered platform, ProductiWise, we followed the product onboarding best practices to simplify the ecommerce catalog management process, minimize errors, and improve time-to-live by 30%. We delivered 98% data accuracy using error feedback and QA metrics, and DIY tools. We rectified inconsistent, incomplete, and duplicate data through automation at the entry stage and improved the catalog acceptance rate by making the corrections in real time.

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