Enriching product information for huge volumes made easy with Mobius

The Business Need

A worldwide leader in electronics components distribution based out of Canada had a pressing need to enrich their product information. The volume was about 100K SKUs required to be delivered within a quick turnaround time of 3 months. They required comprehensive product information across 750 categories and for attributes including various electronic components like chips, diode, repository, and semiconductors to name a few.

This would help them own fresh, updated, and complete product catalogs to drive sales and improve conversions.

Challenges we faced

The volumes and the formats in which data was received from the client was highly unstructured. The categories to be worked on was vast and unfamiliar.

The categories and attribute set creation was required to be achieved through intense information sourcing and Mobius managed the volume and variety through a hybrid approach to save time and achieve accuracy.

How we solved the problem

Mobius took up a hybrid approach - product data enrichment through automation and manual data collection. The enriched data then went through manual health checks to deliver engaging catalogs.

We began by normalizing and standardizing the input data received in spreadsheets and organized on the basis of product categorization, attribute set definition, and attribution. In the process, we identified additional categories and the categories that required attribute sets.

We created categories and attribute sets by sourcing information from hundreds of manufacturers’ and trusted retailers’ sites. This was achieved through crawl-enabled aggregation of data. The sourced information went through a health check for accuracy scores through comparisons with the GS1 standards.

We made category recommendations and defined attributes for those categories as well. We ensured that the enriched information was clean, search-friendly, and comprehensive.


  • Delivered enriched product data for 100K SKUs in 60 days
  • Achieved 95% accuracy in enriching product information
  • Product content delivered helped convert visitors to buyers.

95% accuracy in data enrichment

100K SKUs in 60 days TAT

Handled 750 product categories

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