Price monitoring and analytics

The Business Need

A leading integrated retailer based out of Australia connecting digital and physical shopping experiences requested an online competitor price monitoring that would help compare prices of multiple products across categories. The basic requirement was to monitor the price of 10,000 SKUs across 33 competitor websites for all days in the year.

The Australian retailer wanted Mobius to:

  • Monitor the price across 33 competitor sites daily for around 10,000 products.
  • Collect and map the deals/promotions published over on the competitor site and map it with our client products.
  • Observe their competitor's daily print ads in online newspapers and magazines and capture product prices.

Challenges we faced

  • The volumes of data required to be monitored were huge.
  • The websites change their structures or patterns frequently, requiring customizing scripts periodically.
  • The data was required to be extracted from unstructured sources.
  • The product prices and other details like offers and discounts change often and hence were required to be refreshed.

How we solved the problem

Mobius’ proprietary price monitoring software helped the client in accurate product matching on their competitor sites and collected competitor pricing information for thousands of SKUs. Mobius collected deals running across their competitor site and online ads (publications) for different zones in Australian geography. The promotions were mapped with the client products on a daily basis.


  • We performed price monitoring for around 300k product units daily. This helped the client increase sales through competitive pricing.
  • With Mobius’ automated approach, the client could track their competition, which helped them increase their sales.
  • The client was able to leverage the accurate information to their pricing and customer retention strategies.
  • With the right technology, Mobius delivered results within the stipulated time frame.

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