Data Studio

A highly customizable workflow platform to deliver the data you need.

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What’s the need for a workflow platform?

Having handled data for a wide range of customers, we understand that every business process in any industry has a number of smaller and repetitive tasks. We found our answer by automating the data flow between different applications in a common platform - Data Studio.

Automate manual, repetitive, and data-intensive tasks

Goes easy on the code, infrastructure, and maintenance

Integrates smoothly with existing legacy application

Pre-built bots allow rapid prototyping and project onboarding


Financial investment plans

Unlike most workflow platforms that perform well with structured data but fail to work with semi-structured and unstructured data, Data studio can consume volumes of unstructured data seen on websites, documents, emails, and social media.

Light on

Supplies information

The cloud-based Data Studio seamlessly integrates with your existing software architecture without adding pressure on the underlying infrastructure, relieving teams of additional set-up and maintenance costs.


Credit risk management

Changes in business processes are inevitable which will be reflected in the related business workflows. These changes can be quickly incorporated in Data Studio both at bot and workflow levels, making the platform ultra versatile and adaptable.

How does Data Studio work?

Our workflow platform - Data studio, is a fluid arrangement of a data sourcing component, an orchestrator, and a data hygiene check tool that operate in harmony for a smooth data flow.

Data Studio workflow
Unstructured data

Our cloud-based, enterprise-grade crawl infrastructure manager - Mobito hosting a number of bots, fetches data from the sources either given by you or identified by us.

Light on infrastructure

The entire workflow of how the sourced data is to be handled is configured in the data orchestrator that processes the designated tasks with superior parallel processing abilities.

Rapidly adaptable

A thorough data hygiene check is done through our human-in-loop AI tool - Mojo when the orchestrator output is found to be below desired quality levels.

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