Mobius is a leading provider of lease services for various organizations across the globe. We offer a full gamut of lease and related services to the top real estate service providers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our expert team is thoroughly experienced in lease abstraction, administration, and translation. We currently support 14 different platforms in over 40+ languages. Our 1000+ employees work across 3 dedicated delivery centers with 10 years of global delivery experience. With our agile workflow processes, technology automation, and top-notch service quality, we provide absolutely dependable service to our clients.

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Geo specific domain discovery

Lease abstraction

Our real estate services have abstracted more than 100,000 leases in more than 45+countries globally, since 2011. We summarize key take-aways from the lease documents for you to monitor, review, and update. Mobius’s specialty is generating data in real-time with the highest levels of accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Geo specific domain discovery

Lease administration

Lease Administration is integral for cutting costs, mitigating risks, and building an optimal real estate portfolio. We offer to manage your lease databases, generate high-quality lease abstracts, and generate weekly or monthly reports. We handle broker, tenant, and landlord communication, and process invoices and statements.

Geo specific domain discovery

Lease validation

Mobius offers tailor-made lease validation services to scan, verify, streamline, and bookmark lease documents, as per your requirements. The lease documents are subjected to a detailed lease verification process that involves verifying all data with source documents to ensure 100% accuracy.

Geo specific domain discovery

Multi-lingual lease services

Abstracting multilingual leases requires specialized skills to ensure accurate and exact interpretation of documents. Mobius provides lease translation services in over 40+ languages with a strong team of 100+ language experts. We have extracted 30,000 leases from other languages and translated over 10,000 leases for clients all over the globe.

Geo specific domain discovery

CAM Reconciliation and Audit

Mobius offers Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Reconciliation and Audit to allocate recoverable expenses, maximizing receivables to increase profitability. We prepare analytical reports to find the year-on-year variance.

Geo specific domain discovery

Related services

We provide special project support for creating shell records in client applications, upload docs, rename the docs, etc. Be it scanning, bookmarking, managing, or migrating your lease documents and database, we cover it all.

We are Platform Agnostic

Functional expertise across enterprise and proprietary platforms


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We believe the synergy of technology and human intelligence produces incredible results, transforming the very way we do business. We have built a deep understanding of the real estate market dynamics over the years and its pain points. We can help reduce your client’s lease administration costs and increase the ROI, adding value to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having extracted over 100,000 (70 K in English and 30 K in multilingual) leases so far, we have refined our lease extraction process to meet’ the highest quality standards. Our process has been certified ISO 9001:2008, and we’re currently upgrading this to ISO 9001:2015. Our information security system is in alignment with Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301:2009) and Risk Management System (ISO 31000:2009) as per international standards. To ensure that we deliver the highest quality output, we also have an efficient Six Sigma quality process in place.
Our team of lease abstraction specialists work on all types of leases including retail, ground, regulatory, office and industrial leases, storage or warehouse leases, signage leases, automobile, kiosk leases, telecom leases as well as communication tower leases.
Accuracy is the highest priority when it comes to lease abstraction. We assure 100% accuracy for dates and dollars and other critical data parameters extracted.
Depending on the volume and complexity of the leases, we will give you a time frame and stick to it diligently. We also take in adhoc projects / urgent requests and flex our time schedule to meet your requirements. With 100+ lease experts, we can deliver hundreds of leases in a few days and thousands of leases within weeks. The exact time frame for each project depends on the scope of work, but we always deliver on time and that’s a promise we intend to keep. We have the resources and capacity to deliver from 100 to 1000 lease abstracts per month. The timeline for your project, of course, depends on the scope of work. Please contact us to learn more.
We accept inputs in all formats including PDF, word and spreadsheets. You could send us the scanned documents via, FTP, emails, box or share with us on SharePoint.
We can upload extracted leases into your desired Platforms or we can deliver extracted leases in any suggested templates.
Mobius has worked with a number of clients dealing with commercial and corporate space. We also have clients in power and energy, oil, automobile, healthcare, retail and education sectors.
We’ve been extracting leases for our clients since 2011. So far, we have extracted about 100,000+ leases, 70,000 in English and 30,000 in other languages.
We understand that information security is top priority for any firm and take meticulous measures to ensure that your leases are secure with us.
Yes, we have a number of lease samples under various categories, that can be shared upon request. And yes, we do sample abstractions, give us your requirement and we could give you the lease samples for your review.
We have 100+ full time lease abstraction specialists with over 5 to 8 years of experience in Real Estate space. We have a robust training process where every lease abstractor goes through a 3 months training process. Apart from lease experts, we also have a team of senior project managers handling globally across platforms.
In addition to Lease Abstraction, we also offer Lease Validation, Lease Translation, CAM reconciliation and Audit, Lease Administration and other Related services like PDF bookmarking, Document segregation and Shell creation.
Yes, if your lease documents are in disarray or if you feel your voluminous lease documents need organizing, we do document sorting, organize and prepare your lease documents prior to abstraction.

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