Argus Modeling Services

We simplify the crucial operations of property valuation and cash flow projections for CRE property managers, investors and owners through our argus modeling services.

Gain insights, mitigate risks, and accelerate investment performance

Manage real estate portfolio processes by using an interactive argus financial modeling interface. Drill down each entity’s cash flow and investment models to calculate distribution-per-unit and returns. Forecast market changes, run detailed portfolio analysis, and identify growth opportunities for your business with argus modeling.

Unstructured data extraction insights

How can Mobius' argus modeling services help?

We help real estate companies with our two decades of industry and advanced data management experience. Our argus financial modeling services assist realtors and investors with complex real estate modeling and valuation. We enable profitable investments through better insight into their portfolios. Our team of skilled professionals relentlessly supports businesses in achieving goals and maximizing business returns.

Unstructured data extraction insights
Unstructured data extraction insights

Property management and cash flow modeling

We help you keep tabs on your real estate assets’ performance and make smarter decisions. We collate all your data from multiple spreadsheets, property, and accounting management systems and integrate it into the argus software. Our team performs cash flow analysis, leasing assumptions, and applies stress test market methods to help you confidently invest in any commercial property.

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Asset valuation and investment management

We leverage a robust, web-based workflow, analytics, and centralized document management system to gather your asset information and output exchanges. Our experts model a portfolio of your real estate funds and investments using interactive API to help you assess your asset value. We also deliver standard reports on valuation assumptions, historical trends, and other KPI metrics.

Unstructured data extraction insights
Unstructured data extraction insights
Unstructured data extraction insights

Lease strategy planning

We provide a financial breakdown of your commercial real estate leasing period. Our accurate market change predictions, including inflation and rent changes, help you create result-driven leasing strategies that aid complex decision-making. We provide insights into market volatility and deliver custom reports on every transactional data with the business stakeholders.

Unstructured data extraction insights

Data validation and reporting

We onboard and consolidate hundreds of data points from your internal and external systems and validate them against various technical and pre-defined business rules. We enable access to your entire portfolio through a single dashboard and deliver insightful reports to accelerate investment decision-making on individual properties, leases, and tenants.

Unstructured data extraction insights

Benefits you can attain from our argus modeling services

Ongoing asset management

Detailed market insights

Effortless project management

Comprehensive cashflow reports

Accurate data validation

Structured financial models

Insightful forecast reporting

Streamlined investment structures

Increase your performance and boost profitability in less turn-around time