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CAM reconciliations are challenging for property owners and managers due to the complications and errors involved. A minor error could impact the property expense evaluation and profitability. As an experienced CAM service provider in the market, we ensure a thorough review of invoices and property lease documents to deliver equal benefit for all the parties involved.

Why choose Mobius?

Mobius offers a flexible CAM reconciliation service for commercial property owners and management companies across the globe. Our extensive experience working with global clients and the combined approach we follow helps us streamline the complex processes, thus maximizing the revenue opportunities.

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How can our CAM reconciliation service add value to your business?

Highly scalable data aggregation services

Quick turnaround time

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99.5% accuracy on recovery expenses

Highly scalable data aggregation services

2- level quality assurance process

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Eliminate lease discrepancies

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Extended communication support

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Lease Abstraction

Abstract critical data points from lease document anytime
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Ad-Hoc Services

Create shell records and bookmark lease documents for review

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Lease Administration

Manage your complete real estate portfolio effectively
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Lease Translation

Translate thousands of lease agreements to your native language

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CAM reconciliation?

CAM reconciliation estimates the property and common area expenses at the end of the year to reconcile the actual charges. The process is about making sure the tenants reimburse the common area expenditure to match the actual expense incurred by the property manager or landlord during the preceding year.

2. Why should I outsource CAM reconciliation to you?

The main advantage a landlord, property owner, or property managers attain from outsourcing their CAM reconciliation process is extended support from experienced professionals, accurate property operating expense evaluation, and a good relationship with tenants through appropriate CAM billing.

3. How are CAM charges calculated?

Property managers estimate the annual CAM budget based on the previous year's expenses and other marketing factors. Based on the pro-rata share of the tenants, the landlords divide the annual budget into small installments, which are required to be paid by tenants throughout the year.

4. How do I reconcile CAM charges?

You can reconcile the CAM charges by adding all the property's operating expenses incurred throughout the year and reconciling the value against the estimated CAM charges billed for the tenants.

5. What do CAM expenses include?

The commercial building CAM expenses include: Property administrative expenses, parking lot, water tax, property insurance and taxes, electrical cost, trash removal, pest control, commonly shared ventilation system, and building staff salary expenses.

6. Will my relationship with the landlord get affected by the CAM audit services?

No. A proper CAM audit will create confidence and a good relationship between landlord and tenants. A well-experienced commercial lease auditing firm helps make well-documented claims that neither affects landlords nor tenants.

7. What do CAM expenses include?

A base year audit is usually conducted two years after completing the first year of the lease. The base year audit depends on which the upcoming audits are estimated and based on which certain adjustments are made in the audit.

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