Lease Managed Services

Get professional support to maintain centralized repositories of lease data for quick access and streamline lease management operations.

Manage lease documents and quickly access lease data

Mobius performs the lease document management process for real estate businesses dealing with portfolios of all sizes. With our industry expertise and teams of certified professionals, we implement the best practices for managing your lease document portfolios. Use our lease management services to eliminate the complexity of data mapping and maintain timely report deliveries.

Lease portfolio digitization

Lease document management

CAM data reconciliation

Data archives centralization


Round‑the‑clock support

Our suite of lease managed services

Document sorting and segregation

We help businesses handle bulk scanned documents without much manual effort and time exhaustion. Our team segregates each type of lease document based on keyword classifiers and arranges them into a designated folder. We ensure easy retrieval of documents for lease abstraction, simplifying the translation processes for portfolio managers.

Document renaming and bookmarking

We assist real estate businesses in document renaming, bookmarking and uploading lease documents into their platform or FTP as required. We help clients upload renamed documents into their systems as per the defined standards. Our meticulous bookmarking techniques quickly navigate you to relevant documents for easy information access.

Non-standard clauses and conditions

We extract and validate special/non-standard clauses from lease documents for special project requests. With our powerful abstraction techniques, we are capable of identifying and abstracting non-standard clauses. Our services help landlords or tenants reduce the environmental impact of their premises by understanding local laws.

Property set-up and shell creation

At Mobius, we have a team of professionals and real estate experts to work on multiple software like Sequentra, Yardi, Tririga, Lucernex, Costar, Harbor Flex, Visual Lease etc., for setting up shell records. Our lease document management services help you set up customized property and shell records based on your client requirements.

Non-lease data entry

We offer a wide range of lease data entry services for complex projects tailored to meet the specific needs of real estate agents. Our real estate experts provide instant document management solutions for efficiently analyzing large data sets related to different areas of real estate appraisal, including mortgages, property taxes, development, investment, insurance, and sales.

Lease data migration

We help real estate businesses migrate their lease data from one location, format, or application to another with 100% assurance of data accuracy. Our experts follow strategic methods for data migration by understanding the data source, solving data issues, maintaining data quality for an extended period, and tracking and delivering reports on data quality.

Achieve your real estate business goals with lease managed services