ProMobius: The Mobius Accelerator and Venture Studio

We're a start-up studio that incubates innovative ideas to become viable products that solve business problems in areas of thematic interest across the data and technology spectrum.

We Drink Our Own Champagne

We Drink Our Own Champagne

Building products are embedded at the heart of our business. Every product and platform that we build is a lifeline to Mobius’ operation and efficiency. Eating our own dog food helps us understand what we need to build and how. Being our own customer leads the way to where we want to take a product, and the market gives us the pattern and validates our insights at scale.

We take ideas from Concept to Company

We take ideas from Concept to Company

At ProMobius, we embrace the Mobius legacy of solving complex data problems with technology and incubating fresh ideas around that. We focus on creating an ecosystem to test and validate ideas, build, and spin them off into a start-up when it shows great promise.

What We Do


Our product school provides hands-on training and the opportunity to leap into the product world. We run a cohort-based program to step up your game in the real world.


ProMobius podcast is your go-to podcast to understand the secret sauce of Product and Tech. Experts from various domains dive deep into Entrepreneurship, Strategies, and much more.


We believe a strong tech spine can propel great products. We co-innovate with start-ups and established businesses in areas of thematic interest- data, AI, and technology. We have a great partner ecosystem, come join us in building a better future together!


At ProMobius Studio, we conceive, launch, and scale innovative ideas and concepts to companies and facilitate spin-offs. Our core team is made of experts in Product, Data, Technology, Operations, and GTM. If you are a promising entrepreneur waiting for an idea, maybe there’s serendipity waiting for us!


We invest in SaaS companies building early-stage B2B data start-ups that have great potential and validation. We are choosy and will only back ideas where ProMobius can contribute to increasing the start-up's success chances.


We are committed to growing the product ecosystem in the country and assisting with our data and technology expertise to early-stage businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.
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For the hustler in you

We don’t just build products; we build people. And we are really proud of that! We are a bunch of intrapreneurs who take the baton to try different things, take smart risks, make mistakes, learn and grow fast.

If you have made it this far, we love you already. You don’t have to lie to us to be with your son on his first soccer game. As long as you get things done, slip lame jokes, work from wherever you are. We’ve got you!

Raise the bar. And we'd be very happy if you did.

What is it like to work at ProMobius?

We are builders first. We believe that great companies are built by people with a sense of belonging, adventure and creativity.

You are given the key

The key to explore. The key to unlock the unknowns. The key that opens a lot of doors. The key for you to take us along the road to success.

Own & Deliver

We look beyond resumes and love growth over comfort any day. Are you level-headed and love taking ownership?

Ignite the spark

We foster autonomy and authenticity. Do you have the ability to hit the ground running? We’d love to know what motivates you.

Our Studios

Past Studios


Incubated at ProMobius, PIMworks is a product information management software that helps brands and retailers centralize and manage their product information across marketplaces. Know More


Incubated at ProMobius, BuzzSense is an Online Reputation management software that helps companies manage their online brand reputation across review sites and social media. Know More

Current Studios


Intelcues is a sales intelligence platform that helps sales and go-to-market teams identify and target the ideal companies. Know More

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We are crafting our next studio.

AI powers our mission.

Await the big reveal!