How an Air travel intelligence company gave live flight status updates with help of Mobius’ data aggregation

Business Need

A leading air travel intelligence company based in UK providing timely, accurate and actionable digital information regarding aviation schedules, required technical expertise to collect flight status updates 24/7 from over 100+ sources, crawl data and update flight status including boarding time, duration on air, departure time, delay, cancellations etc., and publish it for their clients.


  • Providing continuous flight status meant constantly monitoring and pinging over 100+ websites for information like delay in departure, flight cancellations and more
  • About 93,000 flights in 183 airports to be monitored on a 24*7 basis
  • Delayed timelines in collecting this information due to complex HTMLs, site blockage and issues in using proxies
  • The output had to be delivered in a specific XML format to the client’s FTP

Solutions & Results

  • With a team of data aggregation experts, Mobius achieved the best results by providing real time and accurate status updates and schedule details
  • Mobius identified ideal sources for aggregating flight details and developed a customized automated system in just four weeks
  • Implemented scalable solution and delivered through XML feeds, which were directly integrated with the client system
  • The information provided by us was highly accurate and reliable, and the client appreciated us for our accuracy levels which was consistently greater than the 95% given by their previous vendors

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