Captured M&A information across multiple data points with 99% accuracy for a leading financial information provider

Business Need

A leading financial information provider based in Europe wanted to aggregate M&A (mergers and acquisition) information for 100,000+ companies from multiple sources across the internet. A list of entities with obsolete data on the M&A and joint ventures were provided by the client.


  • The list contained misclassification of industries
  • There were several duplicates of deals in the database


  • Deployed M&A experts for setting up a robust process for deal maintenance
  • Identified and streamlined sources based on authenticity, accuracy and reliability
  • Developed in-house tool for data capturing and multiple calculation
  • Verified and validated old information in the deal database
  • Developed a systematic approach to solution by creating methodology document and sophisticated in-house front end tool


  • Mobius was able to capture the M&A information across 22 points with a 99% quality

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