Reliable and Actionable Data Delivered at the Right Time

Extract, aggregate, and integrate data both from structured and unstructured sources into your business processes. We help you unlock the true value of data with our NLP, ML, and search technologies.

Diverse Range of Datasets that We Extract

We understand how various sectors and businesses' data needs change over time. With our services that are intended to collect data from complex sources, we've got your back.

Internal data

Web data

Customer data

Operational data

Social media data

E-commerce data

Unstructured data extraction insights

Research and source analysis

Mobius's expert researchers and consultants will sit down with you to understand your business requirements and find the most pertinent and practical data sources to meet your business objectives.

Bot customization

With a decade of industry experience in data extraction, we identify the most suitable bot assets and customize them according to your business demands and site behavior and get them delivered in multiple formats.

Data aggregation and crawling

Crawlers written in Python, Perl, Node JS, or PhantomJS are used to collect data via automated crawls. Browser-based automation is accomplished using technologies like Selenium and iMacro.

Data normalization and cleansing

Aggregated data undergoes a rigorous deduplication and standardization procedure to remove redundant data, and then strict quality checks are performed to guarantee an accuracy of more than 95%.

Transforming Companies with the Right Data

We bring in decades of experience in handling complex unstructured data to power your business functions.

case studies

Large-scale data extraction for a travel intelligence organization to enhance operational efficiency.

case studies

Automated flight data extraction to reduce flight disruptions and bottlenecks.

case studies

Real-time data extraction to monitor competitor pricing and market changes.

Get the data you need, faster and easier