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Playing with data in the web and public domain data for more than 15 years has equipped us with in-depth research skills directed at boosting your growth in varied business ecosystems.

Fostering data-backed intelligence to digital businesses

Our distinct research services help you find evidence-based answers to your unique business challenges.

Extensive identity and risk data

Extensive identity and risk data

Thorough market research

Thorough market research

Stronger investment decisions

Stronger investment decisions

Sharpened business geolocation insights

Sharpened business geolocation insights


Combat financial fraud with exhaustive identity and risk data

As you attempt to curb fraud and money laundering issues at financial firms and banks with strict AML law adherence and KYC(Know your customer) verification, we’ll help you in determining the true profile of your customers.

We collect comprehensive identity data with publicly available information provided by customers voluntarily as they interact online. Verified digital footprints of customers help you detect forged documents without ruining your customer relationships.

Mobius aggregated extensive reference data for a leader in the KYC and compliance data solutions provider for countless financial institutions.

Read the case study on how we fetched the relevant reference data for a host of companies within 30 seconds.

Monitor product data quality
Unique data source discovery
Extensive identity and risk data

We go through huge volumes of web data with a fine-tooth comb to locate answers for your distinct business needs.

Real-time event tracking
Thorough market research

Automated site monitoring enables us to track the data sources in real-time to know market-shaking business events.

Cross-industry research
Stronger investment decisions

We realize that each industry has its own set of business questions and we look for evidence-based answers from the web.

High data
Sharpened business geolocation insights

Obsessed with providing data of high quality, we enrich and verify that the data initially gathered is truly actionable.

Unlock competitive business intelligence with Alternative data

Benefits of PIMworks

Applying traditional business metrics to gain competitive edge limits your avenues to engage with the right customers and partners. Augmenting traditional data with insights gained from alternative data, especially of that found in the web, enables you to deliver better value to your customers and gives you an unmatched head start over other competitors.

Understand business landscapes better

Parent-child company structures

Joint venture implications

Impactful mergers and acquisitions

Competitor strategies

Launching a new product or opening a new store ain’t no joke

Launching product

You’ve worked super hard on architecting and developing your dream product. But how is the market going to treat your product?

Our research capabilities come in handy for the successful launch of your new product and provide expert guidance in your business expansion strategies by answering critical questions like-

What are the challenges and expectations of your target audience?

Does your product address pressing needs of buyer personas?

Who are your competitors and what are the products launched by them?

How are the features of your product different from those in the same category?

Have you fixed the right pricing plans for all your products and services?

Launching product

Get off to a flying start in your sales and marketing campaigns

Being the first to identify and contact hot leads is of utmost importance in the sales and marketing division as these leads directly convert to revenue for businesses. Relying on purchased lists or your own web research for quality lead generation is going to cost you both time and money.

Using FreshBiz - our very own new business domain and contact tracker, we scour the web for brand new business domains that pop up on the internet every day and glean all the contacts freshly off the sites for you to spot your most promising client..

So bid goodbye to stinky sales lists and say hello to FreshBiz!

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Data-driven investment decisions

As a decision maker in the realm of venture capitals, private equity firms or hedge funds you need to constantly take a pulse of startups and promising businesses that lie in the circle of your investment interests.

The data that we aggregate with our remarkable research capabilities, help you determine answers that you can’t spot in your regular subscribed vendor reports.

Customer success stories


Scope for expansion from public data aggregation was provided for a leading shipping information providerRead More


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financial data aggregation

Extensive crawling and extraction of financial information made feasible through our cloud-based web extraction platform - Mobito for a leading financial services firm.Read More

Reinforce business decisions with aggressive research