Ecommerce Catalog Management Services

To drive sales, we help you create and maintain ecommerce catalogs with accurate product data, including prices, specifications, images, videos, and more.


Aggregate and manage data with product catalog management

69% of ecommerce website visitors buy from sites with detailed product information. Ecommerce product catalogs that are SEO-friendly and offer complete and accurate information can potentially convert visitors into customers. Brands, retailers, and marketplaces can gain massively from catalog management systems. Streamline content enrichment and boost product discovery to boost your revenue.

Deliver customer-centric shopping experiences with catalog management

Our product catalog management services are customizable and scalable, designed to meet the requirements of brands, sellers, retailers, and marketplaces. From product matching and data aggregation to validation and enrichment, we streamline processes, ensuring product data accuracy, completeness, and website compliance.



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Our catalog management services include

Product matching

Product matching

We ensure the highest product matching accuracy when comparing products with competitors through powerful AI/ML algorithms. Our data experts compare, match, and collect relevant data from online sources to update the missing information in your ecommerce catalogs for a positive shopping experience. We also deliver insights into competitor pricing, product assortments, buying habits, and more.

  • Identical products matching
  • Product information gap analysis
  • Experienced managed support
Product data aggregation

Product data aggregation

Online sellers and retailers get product information from manufacturers, vendors, or third-party websites to create ecommerce product catalogs, which are often inaccurate or incomplete. Our experts research, analyze, and collect relevant product data and deliver them in PDFs, datasheets, manuals, brochures, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), to help you display detailed and consistent information.

  • Manufacturer level research
  • Product information accuracy
  • Consistent data format
Product data validation and enrichment

Product data validation and enrichment

Managing retail product catalogs across platforms and marketplaces is a complex and high-cost process, yet crucial if you want online visitors to discover, engage, and buy your products. We identify the missing data in your repository and update the information through robust enrichment and validation processes. We compare the gathered data against other brand or retailer databases to ensure the highest accuracy.

  • High-quality product information
  • Quick catalog updation with PIM
  • Avoid data duplication

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Product catalog management services for unmatched accuracy and revenue growth.

case studies

Mobius helped an American retailer create SEO-friendly ecommerce catalogs for over 100,000 products.

case studies

Mobius provided end-to-end catalog management to a retailer and improved conversions.

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