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Our real-time ecommerce price monitoring services offer pricing data to brands, retailers, and marketplaces by monitoring prices on SKU, competitor, and marketplace levels, offering a solid competitive advantage.

Leverage advanced price monitoring and make better pricing decisions

Why choose Mobius for Price Monitoring?

We automate price matching using our unique product-matching algorithm and ensure exact product matches across different categories. Get a holistic view of your competitors and their product prices and receive real-time alerts on price changes.




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Retailer and
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Customizable and
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What do we offer?

Product Matching

We use powerful AI/ML algorithms to ensure accurate product matching across all softline and hardline categories when comparing products with competitors on different sites. Our product matching algorithm uses URL, UPC, EAN, brand/product titles, product images, etc., as matching criteria, including unstructured product descriptions, to accurately identify relevant competitor products for price monitoring.

Price Recommendations

We guide your every pricing move through competitor price monitoring and stock availability analysis and recommend the lowest yet most profitable pricing for your products. Our in-built product price recommendation engine offers insights into market trends with price-change patterns on brand, category, and product levels. We enable dynamic repricing through detailed reports and custom dashboards.

Price Scraping

Our robust web crawlers quickly crawl through vast volumes of data, mitigating blockages and masked product prices on product pages, capturing prices from add-to-cart pages. Our QC team performs thorough quality checks on the extracted data and ensures quick delivery of time-sensitive projects. We deliver competitor price updates for any currency, location, or language in any format at your desired frequency.

MAP Monitoring

Our MAP pricing monitoring services track and capture the minimum advertised price of products on multiple marketplaces to help maintain price positioning and brand image. We track Market Abatement Price (MAP) violations round the clock to capture and collect the data in one place and deliver insights into violation trends. We identify price violations and high-risk sellers and help you enforce solid MAP policies for compliance.

What sets us apart?

Competitor Identification

We identify competitors for brands, retailer channels, and products based on the industry and product categories. If you have an existing list of competitors, our experts can help identify additional competitors.

Product Identification

Even if you have the same product assortment as your competitors, not all products may require price monitoring. If you have not defined products for price monitoring, our ecommerce experts can help you choose the products.

Product Gap Identification

We perform a detailed gap analysis to identify product and assortment gaps that exist between competitors and your online store. We also help you list specialty products on niche websites to boost revenue.

Monitoring Frequency

We collect the price information for each product at your desired frequency in quick turnaround and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality data in an accessible format.

Pricing Insights

You get unlimited access to granular reports and insights through our custom dashboard for monitoring and comparing competitor product prices across websites round the clock in real-time.

Robust Crawling

We have mastered the data crawling process and can extract all product information from complex sites on any scale. You can opt for a one-time or repetitive crawl and price data extraction.

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We offer competitor price monitoring services to ecommerce players worldwide, backed by solid technology and industry expertise. Our top-notch services help businesses drive sales and conversions with powerful insights.

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Case Studies

Monitor competitor product prices and dynamically reprice your products as per changing market conditions with our price monitoring services.

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Price monitoring for 10,000 SKUs across 33 competitor websites for a leading Australian retailer.

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Monitoring 7000 SKUs from 3 competitor sites across 7 regions for a European fashion retailer.

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Price monitoring for 102K products on Amazon 3 times a day for a top Canada-based retailer.

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