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Business Need

An industry leader in fluid power sales and service with customers throughout the United States and around the world had a requirement to analyze products and extract information. They were looking for technical expertise as they did not have internal resources to carry out the extraction process. The company distinguishes itself in the market by providing field service and in-house repair centers including large bore cylinder repair and is well known for selling industrial products and has a huge inventory online. They were looking for services to analyze the products provided as input, identify the attribute sets for specific product types, locate the product and its attributes from PDF catalogs and map them to attribute sets.


  • Product PDFs were huge in size
  • Each PDF catalog was based in different formats
  • Some of the product attributes required a different nomenclature system, and required time and efforts to focus on the details


  • Mobius developed a custom PDF search program to identify products from large PDF catalogs. The search program would provide the specific page number in the PDF and would cross verify if the product is available in the specific catalog
  • Attribute SMEs will analyze the product type and create attribute sets for specific category of products
  • Research analysts to collect product attributes or build the attributes, if the product is based on a nomenclature system
  • The data processed is checked by PEG and certified before delivery to ensure 98% data accuracy
  • The products are then consolidated into a master output based on the client’s requirement and delivered


  • Mobius was able to semi-automate the product identification process that help saved manual hours
  • With an integrated system, Mobius was able to meet the weekly deadlines committed to the client. Product attributes for 100,000 products was delivered in a span of 3 months
  • Automated product identification and manual processing helped Mobius improve cost efficiency by 25-30 % without compromising on quality
  • Adherence to the delivery SLA at all times - 99 %
  • Compliance to the quality SLA at all times - 98 %
  • Mobius-built macros, for master output conversion, enabled the client to inject the products to their system instantly

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