24/7 Ecommerce Help Desk Services

Deliver an enhanced shopping experience for your online customers with full-time help desk services that include AI-enabled chat support, call support, and much more.

Take your ecommerce and retail business to the next level with perfect customer service

Establish a strong customer support team powered with an automated call, chat, and email support. Our advanced chatbots help you ensure a real-time human-like conversation with your customers. Gather critical information from tons of emails to classify and automate intelligent responses to customers by tagging it to the appropriate department, enabling faster responses. Let us handle repetitive, mundane tasks while you focus on core business processes with ease.

Round the clock support

Robotic process automation

NLP based chatbots

Customer service analytics

Real-time monitoring

Here’s how we helped a leading US-based sports device company improve overall customer experience

We provided the client with global customer support for their GPS device by deploying a chat support team with an 18/7 chat window and remote desktop support for technical troubleshooting. Our experts created a knowledge base on the frequently asked questions reducing the response time, call center traffic, and cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of ecommerce call center services do you offer?

We provide cloud call center setup for every ecommerce business with advanced calling features. We offer inbound, outbound, telemarketing, and technical call support services.

2. What are the offerings you provide under inbound and outbound call services?

Inbound call services include cross-selling and up-selling, resolving online shopper issues, maintaining brand images, and nurturing inbound leads.

Outbound call services include lead generation and sales calls, customer retention, and appointment scheduling.

3. What are the services you provide under telemarketing and technical assistance?

We offer outbound telemarketing, B2B/B2C telemarketing, customer retention under telemarketing services, and technical support for hardware products, operating systems, Email, portable devices.

4. How does your email help desk support service work for ecommerce businesses?

We capture every incoming mail in the system, extract data points from emails using an email classifier and parser through NLP and AL algorithm and reroute the mail to the appropriate department.

5. Why should I outsource ecommerce help desk support services?

Outsourcing the help desk services into experienced hands can help you streamline the processes with better efficiency, control cost, and save valuable time applying for further business development in the front end.

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