24/7 Ecommerce Help Desk Services

Deliver an enhanced shopping experience for your online customers with full-time help desk services that include AI-enabled chat support, call support, and much more.


Offer exceptional customer service to boost sales and customer satisfaction rates

Providing excellent customer service to customers is crucial and beneficial for all ecommerce brands, retailers, sellers, and marketplaces. Ecommerce customer service will increase sales and improve customer retention and loyalty while reducing product returns and negative feedback.

Grow your ecommerce business with 24/7 help desk support services

We automate call, chat, and email support to ease your focus on core business processes. Our advanced chatbots help you ensure a real-time human-like conversation with your customers. Gather critical information from tons of emails to classify and automate intelligent responses to customers by tagging it to the appropriate department, enabling faster responses.


Robotic process

NLP based

Customer service

Real-time monitoring
and reports

Our ecommerce help desk services include:

Call center services

Call Center Services

Ecommerce players need to strengthen their connection with customers to boost sales and gain customer loyalty. Our dedicated support experts manage your crucial customer queries and automate the call support process for a quick resolution. We set up an advanced cloud call center for your ecommerce business and deliver excellent on-time call support and ticket resolution to build your brand loyalty.

  • Automated call support
  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Better customer interaction
Automated Chat Support

Automated Chat Support

Deploy an intelligent virtual assistant and give your customers a personalized experience

Customers look for instant support when shopping online. You can implement automated live chat support that interacts with your customers to provide a personalized chat experience while reducing response time. We help establish effective two-way communication between your business and customers through real-time chat support services and offer round-the-clock support to sort their complex issues.

  • NLP-powered conversational bots
  • Predictive ML-based routing
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
Automated Email Support

Automated Email Support

Manually responding to customer emails is time-consuming and non-scalable. By automating email responses, you can overcome the complex task of answering massive volumes of incoming emails and save valuable time. Our NLP-trained email bots can classify and extract crucial information from emails and send relevant responses in real time while forwarding complex customer queries to agents.

  • Smart email parser software
  • Mailroom automation/NLP trained bots
  • Quicker customer handling time

Explore how our customers benefit from our 24/7 help desk support services

case studies

Here’s how we helped a leading US-based sports device company improve overall customer experience.

We provided the client with global customer support for their GPS device by deploying a chat support team with an 18/7 chat window and remote desktop support for technical troubleshooting. Our experts created a knowledge base on the frequently asked questions reducing the response time, call center traffic, and cost.

Provide your customers with an exceptional customer service experience