Online Reputation Management for Ecommerce

Build, strengthen, and maintain your ecommerce reputation by tracking and managing online reviews, ratings, and social media mentions.

Enhance your brand value and drive your presence with online reputation management

Track and monitor what customers say about your product or service on different marketplaces or online stores and your competitors. Manage and respond to customer reviews, feedbacks, ratings, and comments through a centralized dashboard while effortlessly tracking your online business’s KPIs to build a positive perception of your brand. Gather and analyze customer sentiment from multiple social media platforms like Twitter, FB, and more for valuable insights.

Product review monitoring

Customizable dashboard

Automated response system

Seamless reporting and analysis

Social media listening

Here’s how we helped a leading US-based ecommerce seller measure customer sentiments and gather critical insights

We used aspect-based sentiment analysis to track and measure customer sentiment from reviews published on multiple ecommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., for their 10K+ products. Our platform helped them identify customer emotions associated with the purchase of their products and cut down costs and manual efforts in R&D.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is having a good online reputation important for my business?

The majority of the population makes purchases solely based on reviews and ratings. Having a considerably good reputation not only gains you new buyers but increases your loyal customer base.

2. What factors affect my online reputation?

Your online reputation depends on what you post on the internet and what your customers say about your brand online. The aggregate of overall positive, negative, and neutral comments visible to people when they look for your products, company, or brand online determines your reputation.

3. How will I know if my brand is mentioned in the digital space?

You can set alerts for any number of keywords and brand names and will be notified whenever someone talks about your brand in the digital medium.

4. How long does it take to fix negative online reputation?

Though this is not a time-taking process, it depends on how much repair work your website and brands need to go through.

5. What type of support do you offer me, and for how long?

We offer all types of support such as bug fixes, account setup, and maintenance over emails and chats all through the day.

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