Online Reputation Management
for Ecommerce

Build, strengthen, and maintain your ecommerce reputation by tracking and managing online reviews, ratings, and social media mentions.


Enhance your brand value and drive your presence with online reputation management

Ecommerce players must track and monitor what customers say about their products or services on different marketplaces and platforms, which is tedious. Additionally, online brands and marketplaces should watch what customers say about their competitors. We can help you build a positive brand image by managing and responding to customer feedback, reviews, and ratings.

Effectively manage your online reputation to grow your ecommerce business

Our ecommerce online reputation management solutions help businesses track their online KPIs and analyze customer sentiment from multiple social media platforms like Twitter, FB, and more. We make it easy for you to access customer feedback and response process through a centralized dashboard, effortlessly bringing insights on your customers.

Product review monitoring

Customizable dashboard

Automated response system

Seamless reporting and Analysis

Social media listening

Our ecommerce reputation management services include:

Brand Monitoring

Ecommerce sellers must know when to respond to negative feedback, reviews, and comments and protect their brand from further damage. We help you analyze negative and positive feedback to manage and prevent reputation crises early. We enable you to promptly reach out to your unsatisfied online customers to resolve issues and lower your churn rate quickly.

  • Effective crisis management
  • Brand perception monitoring
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Product Ratings and Reviews

An automated response system can help online retailers, brands, and marketplaces respond quickly to critical reviews and improve customer satisfaction. We can help you monitor, analyze, and respond to online product reviews and track user-generated content across multiple channels as often as you require to maintain a positive reputation.

  • Promoting positive reviews
  • Automated ticketing and issue resolution
  • User-generated content (UGC) curation

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding customer sentiments associated with products is crucial for ecommerce success. Our aspect-based sentiment analysis tracks industry and customer trends and sentiments, letting you develop products that your customers expect. You can customize reporting features and access important metrics and sentiments through a single dashboard.

  • NLP-based sentiment analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Powerful reporting

Performance tracking

Ecommerce retailers and brands can emerge successful by aligning their KPIs with unique business goals and constantly assessing the progress. Our reputation management platform can schedule multiple assets across platforms to reduce manual work, increase productivity, and send out customized customer surveys to achieve high performance.

  • KPI tracking
  • Multi-platform scheduling
  • Customer journey tracking

Explore how we helped a leading US-based ecommerce seller measure customer sentiments

case studies

We used aspect-based sentiment analysis to track and measure customer sentiment from reviews published on multiple ecommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., for their 10K+ products. Our platform helped them identify customer emotions associated with the purchase of their products and cut down costs and manual efforts in R&D.

Establish brand credibility with ecommerce reputation management