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Business Need

An online marketplace based in the US had a requirement to ensure reliable and accurate product data as the data received from suppliers didn’t meet the customer’s high standards of data quality, maintain and grow lead over the competition, complete missing or inaccurate product data.


  • Product PDFs were huge in size
  • Lack of internal resources to carry out data extraction
  • Each PDF catalog varies in formats
  • Some of the product attributes need to be built from nomenclature-based system and required time and eye for detail


  • Mobius developed a custom PDF search program to identify product from large PDF catalogs.
  • This search program will provide the specific page number of the PDF is the product is available in a specific catalog.
  • The attribute SMEs will analyze the product type and create attribute sets for specific category of products
  • The research analysts collect product attributes or build the attributes, if the product is based on a nomenclature system
  • The data processed is checked by PEG and certified before delivery to ensure data accuracy of 98%
  • The products are then consolidated into a Master output based on the client’s requirement and delivered


  • Provided consistently high quality product data as part of the customer’s ‘Item Setup’ process,enabling it to quickly bring greater number of products online
  • Implemented best practices leading to an overall increase in productivity levels up to 30%
  • Greater data integrity, accuracy, and Increased traffic on the website
  • Greater cost effectiveness leading to more than $2 Million annual savings

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