Ecommerce Product Taxonomy Consulting

We recommend hierarchical product taxonomies to organize your catalogs logically, enabling shoppers with seamless navigation and precise search and filter options.


Taxonomy management for building and maintaining well-structured taxonomies

Online shoppers seek a distinctive shopping experience that ecommerce players can deliver efficiently through a hierarchically structured product taxonomy. Simplify site navigation to drive conversions and sales with our expert taxonomy recommendations by leveraging our 20+ years of ecommerce experience.

Boost sales and site performance with intuitive and industry-compliant ecommerce taxonomy

Our ecommerce product taxonomy consulting services help you accurately classify products into relevant sub-categories and primary categories in a structured manner. We use an ML-based classification system to categorize products correctly, enabling product searches in fewer clicks and increasing conversions.

Taxonomy building and optimization

Accurate product classification


Better product discovery

Improved user engagement

What do we offer?

Taxonomy Recommendation

We assess your existing product taxonomy, identify the product types, categories, and attributes, and analyze the user search behavior and competitor taxonomies to recommend a search-friendly ecommerce taxonomy. We build information architectures that power positive buying experiences, boost sales, and ease the burden on your product.

  • Taxonomy benchmarking
  • User-centric search navigation
  • GS1 and UNSPSC compliance

Product Classification

We use an ML-based diverse classification system for image-based product validation, product matching, adding new products, and moving miscategorized products to the appropriate category. Our taxonomy consultants categorize products to the final attribute range to improve product discoverability and ensure accurate product search results upon filtering.

  • Exact product matching
  • Comprehensive product display
  • Smart classification approach

Product Onboarding

Our product listing experts follow marketplace-specific guidelines to update and upload product data. We meticulously include critical product information like SKU, UPC, product ID, title, features, description, and brand name. Our experienced team can collect product data quickly and perform cleaning, normalization, and modification processes to onboard data faster.

  • Error-free data upload
  • Multi-channel onboarding
  • Scalable PIM system

Attribute Set Creation

Our taxonomy consultants collect mandatory key product attributes, value-added attributes, dimensions, manufacturer details, product URLs, warranty information, and other critical features for the attribute set creation to simplify product filtering. We deliver the complete attribute data sets in the format you desire for easy upload on ecommerce platforms.

  • Product attribute design
  • Easy product filtering
  • Quick attribute set onboarding

Facet Creation

Our taxonomy management team identifies relevant product attributes for each category, like price, size, color, and more, and suggests dynamic or pinned facets or a combination of both. We create facets that suit your filter options display and layouts and act as navigational features to help customers find products faster by selecting multiple options inside a single facet.

  • Attribute data selection
  • Intuitive faceted search
  • Varied display options

Explore customer stories

Learn how our taxonomy consulting services helped global clients remodel their website taxonomy to help improve sales and site performance.

case studies

We recommended a taxonomy structure adhering to GS1 industry standards and universal standard naming labels by conducting an in-depth analysis of competitor websites and how they positioned their products.

Improve product search and discoverability with taxonomy management