Data-Driven Competitive Intelligence Services

Strategize your sales with detailed insights on competitive intelligence and conquer the market with skyrocket profits

Power decisions based on real-time data and let your business excel

Monitor and gain detailed insights into your competition to understand how they leverage pricing as their key differentiator or innovate their products and services. Bridge the gap in your product line assortment by analyzing competitor data to meet customer demands. Create effective product roadmaps, and make well-informed pricing decisions with our competitive intelligence service.

Competitive price monitoring

Inventory gap analysis

Unauthorized seller identification

MAP violation tracking

Here is the list of case studies on how we helped our clients establish their market presence in the ecommerce landscape with the help of our competitive intelligence services.

Cargo report extraction

Mobius enabled competitive analysis through price monitoring and provided insightful analytics services.
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Cargo report extraction

Mobius monitored the prices of thousands of SKUs across websites to help clients strategically price their products.
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Cargo report extraction

Mobius helps a huge retailer identify top-performing products and sellers for each category to stay ahead among competitors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ecommerce competitor analysis?

Ecommerce competitor analysis compares against other players in your domain on critical factors such as product offerings, websites, pricing, marketing strategies, etc.

2. Why is ecommerce competitive intelligence important?

To stay competitive, brands and retailers must monitor their competitors to understand the key differentiating factors. This helps identify gaps in different segments like product assortment and pricing, enabling you to meet customer needs better.

3. What benefits can I acquire from your competitive intelligence service?

You can monitor competitors’ product prices, seller details, competitor insights, top-selling products, and top trending product lists through our competitive intelligence services.

4. What techniques are you following to monitor product prices?

At Mobius, we follow a combined (automated and manual) approach in monitoring the product prices across multiple marketplaces.

5. Can I get insights on my competitor’s product prices along with their seller details?

Yes. With the help of our competitive intelligence offerings, you can get access to your competitor’s product prices along with seller details and the marketplaces where the products are being sold.

6. Can I upgrade my product portfolio with your competitive intelligence service?

Yes, we provide assortment and product gap analysis as an offering that can help you update your product portfolio with the latest trending and top-selling products.

7. Is it possible to filter out sellers selling my product under MAP value?

We provide a MAP monitoring service for brands who wish to identify the unauthorized sellers or authorized sellers selling unauthorized products in marketplaces under minimum advertised pricing value in their brand name.

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