Ecommerce Content Creation Services

We help you launch and manage content on multiple platforms while ensuring the product content is SEO-optimized, complete, and compelling.


Make your products easily discoverable and boost conversions with detailed, effective content

Content is the most prominent driving force behind customer conversions in the ecommerce industry. Great content is not only an excellent way to improve product discoverability but also to increase your conversions. Our content creation services help brands, retailers, and sellers optimize their product listings and online stores with high-quality content.

Get quality content for your ecommerce product listings in a short turnaround

Our ecommerce content experts leverage their 20+ years of experience in product content creation to deliver sales-driven, clear, complete, and engaging content. Let us help you increase your conversions by giving your product listings the visibility they deserve with SEO-centric content.

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Our ecommerce product content creation services include:

Product Title Creation

Our ecommerce SEO experts analyze your competitors and relevant brand websites to create SEO-friendly product titles of high quality and ensure the titles have the correct information for your customers to find the products and decide what to buy quickly.

  • Engaging product titles
  • Marketplace specific
  • High-quality keywords

Key Features Creation

We compare and capture relevant product data from manufacturer and competitor websites to ensure we include every vital specification in the product’s key features. Our product content services speed up customer purchasing decisions and boost conversions.

  • Informational key features
  • SEO enriched
  • Original and comprehensive

Product Description Creation

Our ecommerce content writing services help your customers organically and effectively find you among your competitors. We create new content, paraphrase the manufacturer's content, or include the exact brand content depending on your need.

  • Engaging and unique content
  • Highly relevant keywords
  • Effective content strategy

Category Description Creation

We devise category and sub-category descriptions to improve your SERP rankings and give your products better visibility by covering essential product information, eliminating the need for customers to perform comparison browsing.

  • Unique category content
  • SEO-integrated category pages
  • Consistent and format-specific content

Buying Guide Creation

Our ecommerce experts help build customer trust and loyalty toward your brand by creating information-rich buying guides appropriate to your target audience. We use your brand’s voice to explain your products and increase conversions.

  • Evaluation of your offerings
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Brand insights and offerings

A+ Content Creation

We offer turnkey content creation services simply by leveraging your product assets and showcasing your brand and products in the best way. Our content experts can work on descriptive copies, 360 image views, videos, libraries, and FAQs.

  • Enriched multimedia content
  • Enhanced brand content
  • SEO integrated

Content Health Audit

Our content health audit services evaluate the current state of your product content while referring to competitor sites to identify and fill the information gaps. We improve the quality of your overall product and site content and reach the target audience.

  • Complete website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis

Keywords Research and Optimization

Our SEO experts identify the top keywords to include in product content by analyzing the search terms used by your target audience and competitors to help you increase relevant traffic to your website and improve conversions and revenue.

  • Top ecommerce SEO specialists
  • Top-ranking keywords
  • Keyword performance tracking

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Mobius helped a leading retailer in the US with SEO content optimization for more than 60K products, enabling a 25-30% increase in site indexation.

large-scale data aggregation

Mobius delivered product content for 100K products with 30% cost-effectiveness for an America-based global retailer in 8 months.

large-scale data aggregation

Mobius assisted a customer from a niche market in winning the Amazon Buy-box and increased the page views from 50% to 250%.

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