Take a deep dive into the competitive landscape

to rationally price your products.

Price is the most influential factor that drives a purchase decision and the seller who offers the most competitive price is likely to seal the deal. Get comprehensive, real-time price updates across the competition and get instant notifications to price just right to attract more buyers.

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Power up your sales by capturing insights that matter

Save time and efforts through automation

Boost sales and profit margins

Get insightful pricing reports

Track on daily basis through intuitive dashboards

Get alerts or notifications on updates

Stay notified on the price updates

Get recommendations of the best prices

How does it work?

Understanding your needs

We understand the customer requirements and the pricing data they need. The prices across product spread, categories, brands, and other required parameters for which they would like to track prices. We also identify the competitors through intensive competitor research if the customer is not specific about the target segments.

Extensive research and source analysis
Extensive research and source analysis

Identification and crawling data

The pricing data is widely spread across the web. We identify valid sources like comparison shopping engines and other marketplaces with similar products and tap into this information through web sourcing. We deploy custom crawlers to extract product prices and identify the top selling products.

Extensive research and source analysis

Run analysis on dashboard

You can seamlessly integrate the pricing data to your portals or dashboards through our custom-built APIs. You can compare, analyze, and get actionable insights into the pricing strategies of your competitors including shipping and packaging details.

Extensive research and source analysis
Extensive research and source analysis

Settle for the most competitive price

Leverage this well-curated and accurate data and utilize the price recommendations to settle for the most competitive price for your product and boost your possibilities to sell more.

Extensive research and source analysis

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Don’t let the brightest sales opportunities slide away due to sloppy pricing.