Powerful supplier data onboarding solution to accelerate time-to-market.

Produciwise Product data platform

ProductiWise is a supplier onboarding platform for marketplaces, distributors, and multi-vendor retailers. Onboard bulk product information, perform data validations, add new products to your catalog and enrich your content - all from a single portal.

Automate supplier onboarding with ProductiWise.

Be the first to take products to the marketplace - onboard sellers faster, deliver better searchable rich content to customers, and increase sales.

Automate seller onboarding - get thousands of sellers and millions of products listed in record time.

Easily validate and aggregate catalog data feeds from sellers/suppliers

Self-service capability allows suppliers to upload data feeds through a web portal

Data feed integration through API

Product onboarding platforms
Product data enrichment process

Data that increases search visibility and conversion; deliver rich, accurate, and enriched product data to customers.

Automate quality checks for seller data feeds

Ensure compliance and standardization of data types, attribute priorities, negative keywords, images, and title conventions

Enrich catalog content using web crawl-enabled workbench

Product data enrichment process

Monitor key vendor metrics like seller data quality, and category performance with built-in analytics dashboard.

Check output quality of catalog data at any stage

Gauge quality percentages for each outgoing batch

Get quality scores for product data, image quality, feed sampling, progress of sellers

Monitor product data quality
Sellers catalog transformation

Get the flexibility to set, update, and sync category and data standards with automation.

Auto-update category templates of your marketplace

Set quality and data standards, normalize and standardize seller feeds through automation

Manage seller catalog transformations from other marketplaces easily

Sellers catalog transformation
e-commerce service providers

e-Commerce service providers

Catering to the head to tail of retail with your e-Commerce services?

Your universe of e-Commerce solutions aiming to walk your customers through every step in their retail journey becomes holistic only with the efficiency in catalog creation. Product catalogs are incredibly important for conversions and to drive sales.

With ProductiWise, you can manage the catalog creation process with better automation and easy to use workflows. Creating thousands of product catalogs with rich media content and product descriptions become smooth and hassle-free. Easily tackle the growing size of products and their respective catalogs by automating catalog creation for large product volumes. Deliver clean, complete, and rich catalogs to achieve scalability and lesser time-to-market.

Be your customer’s own favorite with ProductiWise on your side for an AI-driven automation to solve tedious catalog creation process and to help your customers sign-off sales.

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