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From improving product discoverability to a delightful shopping experience, our taxonomy services helps your visitors cling on.

Build taxonomies that usher visitors towards the right product pages.

Taxonomies are the basic architecture that is required to organize information. By building taxonomies you enable users to locate, identify, and retrieve information at ease. We create taxonomies that reflect a painless navigation and good search visibility making customers’ shopping experience absolutely seamless and enjoyable.

  • Easy identification of products

  • Well-defined & exhaustive facets

  • Improved user-engagement

  • Enhanced ranks on the SERPs

Content conversion and digitization

Concept of taxonomy

Market Based

Competitor site based analysis – GAP analysis

Compare client categories with their competitors and category specialty websites

Reference with industrial standards such as GS1, UNSPSC

Follow Universal Standard Naming Labels

User Based

Review internal site search terms and perform impact analysis to suggest top performing terms

Gather inputs from Google Adwords

Arrive at taxonomy based on user preferences

Concept Based

Interviewing key stakeholders to understand their views on taxonomy

Category experts help in defining and finalizing the hierarchy

Provide clarity in defining & introducing new categories

Define facets and product types for all categories

Taxonomies are the centerpiece of good customer experiences

Your inventories are constantly changing. Be it new product launches or phasing out an existing one; they have a great impact on taxonomies and the category information. We help your taxonomies stay in tune to your product offerings by helping you create new ones or reviewing the existing structures.

Taxonomy creation process

Extensive research and source analysis
Extensive research and analysis

Our experts and consultants identify the product types, categories, and attributes and understand the product spread down to the detail to build the basic taxonomy structure.

Bot customization
Analyze facets, user tags & the hierarchy

We then begin to analyze the user experience, search culture and filter the most appropriate and search-friendly facets and tags to go under each category. We also ensure these are comprehensive and covers a wide range of search.

Data crawl and aggregation
Freeze categories after a research on similar products

We identify the taxonomies of similar products and spot the gaps. Rich and search-friendly taxonomies are built with the data.


This US retailer increased the sales conversions with the help of Mobius' taxonomy consulting services.

An American based mid-range department chain of stores wanted to validate and transition their existing online taxonomy. They wanted to achieve better product discoverability and enhanced user experience. They wanted to drastically improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Mobius helped them crack a ton of conversions through taxonomy consulting services.

Learn more about the case study here.

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